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Company fined £95k after worker dies

Company fined £95k after worker dies
A former fairground in Southport has been fined following an incident in which a maintenance worker lost his life.

The accident occurred in August 2004 when William Birchall was lubricating the Skyride at Pleasureland amusement park in Merseyside.

During this process, he became entangled in the moving machinery and required the ride to be stopped immediately. However, he was unable to contact his colleague at the controls, situated 200 metres away, because his radio was out of reach.

Pleasureland was fined £95,000 and ordered to pay costs of £50,000 at Liverpool Crown Court after pleading guilty to health and safety breaches.

Commenting on the fatality, Health and Safety Executive inspector Charles Cottle, stated: "This was a terrible tragedy that could have been avoided had the correct procedures been in place."

Opened in 1912, Pleasureland in Southport closed in September 2006 when its management announced it was no longer viable.