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Sacked teacher 'could get compensation'

Sacked teacher 'could get compensation'

A teacher from Wales who was sacked after his daughter said he had kicked and punched her during an altercation at home could be in line for thousands of pounds in compensation, according to BBC reports.

An employment tribunal has decided that Olchfa Comprehensive School, situated in the west of Swansea, was wrong to dismiss David Aldridge.

Mr Aldridge had admitted to slapping his daughter but had denied any serious assault.

Although never charged by police over the incident, school governors took the decision to sack him.

During the tribunal, Mr Aldridge stated: "We had an altercation and there was an exchange of slaps but, to my dying day, I absolutely refute the charge that I punched or kicked her."

Lawyers for the maths teacher, who is now working in a private school, are preparing a bid for compensation that will take into account loss of earnings and pension, as well as distress.