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Fire escape collapse victim receives payout

Fire escape collapse victim receives payout
Compensation has been awarded to a club steward who suffered a fall when a fire escape she was standing on collapsed.

Barbara Eastwood, a steward at the Kirkheaton Liberal Working Men's Club, fell 12 feet in the incident, fracturing her vertebrae and hurting one of her heels as a result, the Yorkshire Post reports.

The club admitted liability and gave the 52-year-old - who lives in Kirkheaton, a village located to the north-east of Huddersfield - a "substantial" payment in compensation after it emerged that she could not continue working as a result of her injuries.

"I managed to return to work for a while after the accident, but I needed further surgery to my heel and have not worked since," Mrs Eastwood stated.

The fire escape in question had previously been called "unsafe" by a local fire officer and Mrs Eastwood's fall occurred as she showed workmen to the site.