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Family awarded £100k after asbestos-related death

Family awarded £100k after asbestos-related death
The family of a man have been awarded more than £100,000 in compensation after he died of mesothelioma, following diagnosis of the condition in November 2004.

This cancer affects the outer surface of the lungs or abdomen and is strongly associated with exposure to asbestos.

Frank Ede, a ship-builder from Hull, died in July 2005 at the age of 75. He had been exposed to asbestos while working as a burner and then a plater for the Drypool Group between 1943 and 1976.

Mr Ede had not been warned about the dangers of working with asbestos and even told his son that, during the summer, he used to have snowball fights with lumps of the substance while on his lunch breaks.

According to a joint study published in the Journal of Cancer, deaths resulting from exposure to asbestos are increasing and will peak in the next decade.