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Education worker sent for IQ test wins damages

Education worker sent for IQ test wins damages
A 40-year-old education worker who was sent for an IQ test because English was his second language has won damages of £12,000, the Camden New Journal reports.

Salik Miah, a member of the Town Hall's youth offending team, was sent for the "humiliating" IQ assessment by council managers under the pretext that it was a development course.

The results, however, were used to form the basis of a "damning report" which subsequently made him redundant, according to the results of a tribunal conducted in Kingsway, just north of the river Thames.

Mr Miah's claims that he had been victimised and discriminated against on the grounds of race were upheld at the hearing.

After the tribunal he stated: "When the council started this process I hoped to resolve it internally … but this was continuing victimisation and I felt discredited and the case was not resolved by higher-level officers."