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Car crash victim wins £5.1m compensation

Car crash victim wins £5.1m compensation

A Sussex man who now requires lifelong care following a car crash has been awarded £5.1 million in personal injury compensation.

After the crash in June 2003, Robert Smith, who was then 18 and was being driven by Michael Wilson in a company car, received severe brain injuries that led him to be connected to a life support machine in hospital, the Argus reports.

The case was brought against Mr Wilson's employer, PMWE, in the same year.

Mr Smith stayed in hospital for five months and then proceeded to spend four years in intensive rehabilitation. He now has partial sight, slurred speech and short-term memory loss and requires help from three carers.

"It was a relief to know he's going to be looked after for the rest of his life. Whatever he needs he can get it now," commented Mr Smith's mother, Karen Smith.

The compensation amount was approved by the Royal Courts of Justice, which is home to the Court of Appeal and the High Court.