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Butcher fined following staff accident

Butcher fined following staff accident
A butcher's shop and its manager in east Manchester have been fined after an accident involving a 15-year-old boy.

Sam Ashworth, who had a Saturday job at the Oldham shop, was stuck in a mincing machine for two hours last September and lost part of arm as a result.

Medical staff called to the scene had no choice but to amputate part of his right arm in order to free him from the machine.

John Rice, Oldham council's acting assistant director of environmental services, told the Manchester Evening News: "This case demonstrates that owners and managers must make sure that the safety of staff, contractors and the public is given the highest priority."

J and B Fitton butcher's shop has admitted to breaching health and safety rules and has been fined £18,000 and ordered to pay £2,140 costs.

Manager Darrel Lees, who likewise admitted he was in breach of safety legislation, has also been fined and told to pay costs.

The Health and Safety Executive has issued rules to local authorities pertaining to cutting incidents and protective clothing in the meat industry.