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Woman joins holiday compensation bid

Woman joins holiday compensation bid
A woman from South Wootton has joined up with others in a bid to claim compensation following a bus crash en route to Singapore, the Lynn News reports.

Gill Collier, a 48-year-old single mother, has teamed up with 12 fellow tourists to sue the package holiday operator Explore Worldwide following a crash which occurred in May 2006.

The incident happened when a bus travelling from Tanjung Gemok to Singapore lost control on a bend and plunged down a ravine after the driver attempted to overtake a car.

Ms Collier, who was knocked unconscious in the event, had to have stitches in her face and sustained a leg injury.

Other travellers were left with broken bones and the driver, along with a local boy, was killed.

A high court writ suggests that driver Ching Hock Chye had been driving dangerously fast, overtaking repeatedly at speed and that he had failed to concentrate.

Ms Collier, along with 12 other tourists is suing the holiday operators for unlimited damages.

A woman from South Normanton was recently awarded compensation following a traffic accident in Spain.