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Teenager awarded £4k compensation

Teenager awarded £4k compensation
A teenage boy who was thrown into a rubbish bin by a policeman has received compensation of £4,000.

Anop Singh of north London had been arguing with the policeman in October 2005, prompting the action from the plain-clothes officer.

The unnamed officer had been investigating reports that youths had been throwing conkers at passers by.

Mr Singh was only in the bin for a matter of seconds before being pulled out. However, the incident had been filmed by a friend on his mobile phone.

The boy's father told BBC London: "I would have preferred it if the policeman had taken my son to a police station and put him in a cell, then phoned me up and I would have dealt with it."

A report filed by the Police Complaints Commission said that the teenager claimed to have been upset and humiliated by the policeman's action.