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Man nets £25k for negligent dental care

Man nets £25k for negligent dental care
A man whose dentist administered negligent tooth care has won £25,000 in compensation.

Tony Dunn had been visiting his dentist for years, but had never been given x-rays in that time, the Bridgewater Mercury reports.

However, after visiting another dentist for cosmetic work, it was discovered that his teeth were in an advanced state of decay, which had been covered by caps.

Mr Dunn subsequently had to undergo one year of pain in which he spent a total of 30 hours having the problem addressed by another dentist.

Commenting on the case, he said: "A large proportion of the population experiences problems with their teeth but I wonder how many have the courage to question their dentist and take the time to weigh up the options before agreeing to any treatment?

"I was badly let down by my dentist and I wouldn't want to see anyone else go through what I've been through. It's been hell."

David Chiverton, Mr Dunn's previous dentist, admitted liability.