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Health club manager claims unfair dismissal

Health club manager claims unfair dismissal

A former-health club manager claims she was unfairly dismissed after raising concerns that the firm's new receptionist was convicted drug dealer.

Elaine Williamson is pursuing her case in an employment tribunal against the Greens Health and Fitness Centre in Giffnock, the Daily Record reports.

Mr Williamson says that upon discovering that Angela Baillie's past, she felt threatened and informed the human resources department.

Ms Williamson told the tribunal: "On discovering Angela's past I was terrified to say the least, not only for my own safety, but the safety and security of my team.

"As front of house manager, I was in the front line."

However, at an internal hearing, Mr Williamson was dismissed on the grounds that she had shown "inappropriate conduct" towards her colleague.

The leisure centre contests Ms Williamson's claims and says that employing Ms Baillie had done nothing to endanger the health and safety of her fellow staff.