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Council ordered to pay nursing fees

Council ordered to pay nursing fees
A man has won the right to force his local council to pay £33,000 in fees to cover nursing home care fees for his late mother.

Ms Arnold, the man's mother had been in a care home due to a history of mental illness.

However, after her husband, whose full identity was not disclosed, asked if she could be transferred to another facility nearer his home, the council agreed to do so - but did not inform Mr Arnold that it would stop paying her fees, BBC Online reports.

Furthermore, the council did not hold a hearing to assess whether after-care was required, which breached procedural regulations.

The Local Government Ombudsman ruled that this constituted maladministration by the council and recommended that the council pay Mr Arnold £33,455.58 to cover the nursing home fees between December 2000 and April 2002.

The council was also told to pay interest on the sum at the county court rate.