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Colourblind police recruits claim discrimination

Colourblind police recruits claim discrimination

Two police recruits who were not given positions with Strathclyde police force are claiming sex discrimination.

Graeme McCulllie and Robin Dixon have taken their case to an employment tribunal alleging they were not given jobs because they suffer from a form of colour blindness that only occurs in men.

Mr Dixon had previously mounted a disability discrimination claim against the force, but is now pursing a case of sex discrimination claim after a recent case brought by an officer with the same condition found that it affects men exclusively.

Strathclyde police force claims that the men's condition, which prevents them from distinguishing between different shades of colour, would impair their ability to do their job.

Commenting on the case, Peter O'Donnell, of the Equal Opportunities Commission Scotland told "The onus will be on the police force to show that they were trying to achieve a legitimate aim and the action they took was proportionate."