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Calls for disease compensation

Calls for disease compensation
There have been calls for compensation for farmers affected by the recent foot and mouth disease outbreak, with reports suggesting that a faulty drainage system could be to blame.

According to reports from the BBC, official studies, due to be published tomorrow (September 7th), have found a damaged pipe at the Pirbright site - which houses both the privately-owned Merial pharmaceutical firm and the government-funded Institute for Animal Health.

Official inquiries are expected to say that the disease has been detected in an underground pipe linking the two facilities.

Neil Parish, Tory chairman of the European Parliament's agriculture committee, stated that farmers deserve to be compensated by whoever caused the outbreak.

He said: "It seems the burden of responsibility is now squarely on the Pirbright facility.

"Any lapse in biosecurity measures at the site should never have been allowed to happen following the outbreak in 2001."

Foot and mouth is an infectious disease affecting cloven-hoofed animals such as cows and sheep.