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Baggage handling firm ignored HSE warning

Baggage handling firm ignored HSE warning
An airport baggage handling firm has been fined £13,000 after it ignored a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) warning, Workplace Law reports.

Menzies Aviation, which operates at Manchester Airport, pled guilty to ignoring two sections of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1971.

It was charged on two counts, the first of which related to its failure to always use conveyor belts when loading and unloading luggage.

The second charge involved a number of concerns relating to the manual handling of steps, the movement of baggage carts to and from the airport and the danger of falling from height for employees operating in the holds of aircrafts.

Menzies Aviation was fined a £11,000 and was ordered to pay costs of £10,986.

HSE inspector Christina Roberts commented: "An aggravating feature of this case is that many of the unsafe practices referred to in the charges had been brought to the attention of the company previously, but insufficient action was taken to remedy the concerns."

The regulations surrounding employers' responsibility over manual handling operations were updated in 2004 in order to bring them in line with current knowledge concerning the risks involved.