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Attacker ordered to pay

Attacker ordered to pay
A man from Thatcham has been ordered to pay £60 in costs and £100 in compensation after he kicked a man who had already been floored, reports.

Mark Pitman was lying on the ground after being attacked by another man when Kevin Hall kicked him.

Mr Hall was told by Magistrate Linda Gent at Newbury magistrates: "The court regards a kick when someone is on the ground as a very serious offence and we would normally take a different course of action than the one we are taking today."

She said that the court had noted Mr Hall's unblemished record and remorse.

As well as incurring a fine, Mr Hall was made subject to an 18-month conditional discharge.

Police are currently investigating a serious assault which occurred over a week ago in Essex. The victim was left in a critical condition in hospital with serious head injuries.