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A quarter of civil servant sackings 'unlawful'

A quarter of civil servant sackings 'unlawful'

As many as one in four civil servant sackings last year have been found to be unlawful, according to new research.

Figures published in the annual report of the Civil Service Appeal Board suggest that 65 successful unfair dismissal awards were made in the financial year ending on March 31st 2007.

The total amount of compensation awarded during that period was found to be £628,632, while the average sum received by civil servants deemed to be unfairly dismissed was £15,716.

Appeal board chairman John Davies commented: "Some departments and agencies are still not paying sufficient attention to the standard statutory dismissal procedures embodied in the Employment Act 2002."

If these procedures are disregarded, dismissals are automatically unfair, he added.

Figures released earlier this month by the Tribunals Service suggested that the number of UK employment tribunals in 2006-07 was 15 per cent higher than in the previous year.