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Woman wins 108K after falling from loose step

Woman wins 108K after falling from loose step
A nursing assistant has been awarded more than £100,000 damages by a court after she fell from a loose step outside her council flat in the Drygate area of Glasgow.

Agnes Wilson cannot remember her fall which occurred in 1999 as she set off for work and resulted in her sustaining a broken arm and a bump on her head.

The local authority had contested the case, saying there was nothing wrong with the steps and that the accident had occurred because Ms Wilson did not take enough care.

Lord Bracadale awarded the 65-year-old £108,000 damages after ruling that the local council had been negligent.

This figure was reduced from the £145,000 that would have been awarded if Ms Wilson had not also been judged partially responsible.

The court had heard from a neighbour who told the court that he had complained about the steps in the past.

Since the introduction of conditional fee arrangements, which ensure access to justice for individuals on low incomes, local authorities have taken a more proactive approach to monitoring their services, according to a joint report by the Local Government Association and Zurich Municipal.