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Senior doctor charged for domestic abuse

Senior doctor charged for domestic abuse

A senior doctor at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is facing a disciplinary hearing in front of the General Medical Council after he was charged with domestic abuse.

Consultant in anaesthetics Dr Stuart Brown will now have to complete a 24-month supervision order and undertake a domestic abuse programme, as well as pay his victim £500 in compensation and £50 in other costs, after being found guilty of assaulting his wife.

Dr Brown avoided jail as it was alleged that he is otherwise of good character and he does not have any previous convictions, the Norwich Evening News reports.

Brian Butcher, chief executive of Norfolk Victim Support, said: "Although the defendant may only face one charge, there is a history of abuse."

It is important that people with abusive partners come forward at the earliest possible stage, he added.

Norfolk Victim Support's trained volunteers offer any victims of crime the chance to talk to someone in confidence, as well as information on police and court procedures.

Commenting on the case, Detective Sergeant Ian Fox remarked: "Domestic violence knows no class boundaries," adding that, when reported, abusive partners will be brought to justice.