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Norfolk man 'to be compensated' after work accident

Norfolk man 'to be compensated' after work accident
After getting his left hand cut off in a work accident, Bryan Banham, 31, is to receive a six-figure compensation, reports the East Anglian Daily Times.

While working for the firm Van Elle helping to build a food factory in Suffolk, Mr Banham had a hammer weighing two tonnes fall on his hand.

It was found later that the hammer had no safety catch and someone had accidentally pushed the free-fall button.

The severed limb could not be retrieved.

Ruth Booy, a personal injury expert, told the paper: "Mr Banham is still in constant pain from the injury. He had a very physical job and an active social life and has lost both.

"He was also accomplished at building and DIY and he enjoyed cooking. None of these things are open to him now."

The money that he has received from the settlement will help to pay for Mr Banham's physical rehab, she added.

Van Elle specialises in geotechnical services, ground stabilisation and open-site piling, among other sectors.