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Motorcyclist claims six-figure sum from motorist

Motorcyclist claims six-figure sum from motorist

A wheelchair-bound motorcyclist has issued a claim against the car driver who knocked him off his vehicle.

Bernard Gladwell suffered spinal cord injuries in 2003 when he was hit by a car in Catton, according to the Norwich Evening News.

He now suffers from tetraplegia and while he has movement in his shoulders, he has poor mobility below the elbow, legs and has lost bladder function.

Mr Gladwell's bowels move with assistance but he says he has lost sexual function.

The writ served at the High Court against the driver of the car states that negligent driving caused his injuries and that the defendant admitted liability for the accident in 2004.

Mr Gladwell's care is being paid for by the defendant's insurance company and the writ details that Mr Gladwell wants this to continue as well as being paid damages of about £300,000.

The Department for Transport recommends that motorcyclists anticipate the actions of motorists, be alert and observant and ride at a speed that enables enough time to slow down if necessary.