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Lincolnshire family seek holiday compensation

Lincolnshire family seek holiday compensation
A family from Lincolnshire who were forced to cut short their holiday after they all ended up in hospital are fighting for compensation, the Lincolnshire Echo reports.

Andrew and Valerie Bembridge had paid over £2,000 for their trip, which they hoped would be "the holiday of a lifetime", but were struck down by an illness within days of arrival and required hospital treatment.

The family were then made to pay an additional £435 in order to return to the UK early.

Along with their nine-year-old son Lawrence, the couple were among hundreds of holidaymakers on the island of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean who came down with chronic sickness and diarrhoea.

Registrar Mrs Horncastle told how her family will "never afford anything like that again" and how the experience "turned into … a nightmare".

The outbreak is believed to have been amoebic dysentery and, with up to 200 tourists affected by the illness, experts predict that compensation claims could total millions.