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£160,000 for asbestos-cancer roofer

£160,000 for asbestos-cancer roofer

A roofer has received £160,000 in compensation following contracting asbestos-related cancer.

Jim Kingshott, 57, from Shoreham, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in December and has been told he has just months to live. It is thought Mr Kingshott developed the disease during his time as a roofer.

He worked with asbestos while fitting roofs and ceilings over a 20-year period with Doric Co. The disease has left Mr Kingshott unable to perform basic tasks, so that he feels breathless all the time.

Commenting on the award, he explained: "Now I know my children will be looked after in the future and I can now pay to have the things done that I can no longer do."

The compensation award has come quickly for Mr Kingshott but often such cases can take a long time to come to court.

However, the child maintenance and other payments bill, which is currently passing through parliament, is designed to tackle this problem by developing a fast-track system for people suffering from asbestos-related cancers.