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Couple awarded £100k in libel damages

Couple awarded £100k in libel damages

A Welsh couple has been awarded over £100,000 in damages after a court found they had been the victim of libel.

David and Yvonne Lowes-Bird, of Culla Park, Trimsaran, were subjected to a hate campaign by Karl and Angela Kristaps, who placed signs around the village alleging that toxic waste was present at the leisure park which the Lowes-Birds owned.

The signs appeared after the couple were granted the right to keep their paintball site open for longer and use a different entrance - which was opposed by the Kristaps.

Subsequent tests undertaken by the Environment Agency and the local council proved that the allegations made on the signs were false.

Mr Lowes-Bird told "We are so pleased at this outcome and justice has been done.

"We have been vindicated and are looking forward to concentrating on the business and our family."

The couple, whose business was close to bankruptcy before they opted to pursue legal action, were also awarded £300,000 in costs.

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