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Chef who swore wins unfair dismissal claim

Chef who swore wins unfair dismissal claim

Marco Morana, head chef at a Glasgow restaurant, has won his claim for unfair dismissal after he was sacked for a series of swearing incidents.

Mr Morana had sworn at a waitress when she asked him what the soup of the day was, telephoned the restaurant director at home to shout at her about food presentation and had also sworn at his boss' son.

Following the series of outbursts he was dismissed from his position, after being told that his relationships with fellow staff had become untenable.

A tribunal in Glasgow ruled that, despite being 40 per cent to blame because of his conduct, Mr Morana's dismissal was unfair and awarded him £6,000 in compensation.

The chef had told the hearing that his outbursts were not due to a lack of control but rather because of his passion for food.

Last month, a driver was awarded £28,000 in compensation after his employer had asked him to ignore driver's hours legislation.