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Care home director to sue for unfair dismissal

Care home director to sue for unfair dismissal

A former director of a nursing home is seeking compensation against her former employers on the grounds of unfair dismissal.

Anne Howard's claim could cost St Mary's Hospice in Ulverston up to £500,000, according to a report from Workplace Law.

She was dismissed from her position in October 2004 after spending a period of time off work with back problems shortly after starting the job.

Ms Howard claims that the hospice's actions were discriminatory towards someone with a disability and that she was unjustly victimised by her bosses.

The owners of the hospice contend that the duration of her time off work was "excessive" given the degree of seriousness of the injury.

Following a new ruling from Judge Jeffrey Burke, an expert from the hospice is now to be allowed to examine Ms Howard, having been prevented from doing so before.

A date for the hearing has not yet been set by Newcastle County Court.