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Builder jailed after worker almost dies

Builder jailed after worker almost dies
The owner of a Bradford-based building company has been jailed for six months and ordered to pay £90,000 in compensation following the near-death of one of his employees in 2005.

Shah Pola denied responsibility for the incident, which resulted in migrant worker Dusan Dudi sustaining what were originally thought to be fatal injuries after he was hit by a concrete lintel.

Mr Dudi miraculously survived the incident, coming round from a coma after his life-support machine was switched off.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Mr Pola had not supplied his workers with protective clothing or training and had not ensured that proper scaffolding was in place.

At the ruling Judge Peter Benson said Mr Pola had displayed a callous disregard for the safety of his employees and told the 36-year-old businessman that all he "was concerned about was getting the job done and getting it done as cheaply as possible".

Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive reveal that 241 people were fatally injured at work in Britain in 2006-07.