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Broadmoor nurse awarded £21k compensation

Broadmoor nurse awarded £21k compensation

A nurse at Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire has been awarded £21,500 after she was twice attacked by a patient.

Lucia Johnson was assaulted first in 2002 when her nose and hand were injured by the patient throwing objects at her.

Meanwhile, during the second attack in 2003, she was she was physically attacked by the patient when she entered his room while he was trying to kill himself.

Ms Johnson told BBC Online: "He punched me on the chin and on my right shoulder and as a result of my injuries, I had several months off work.

"He was often violent, but in spite of the complaints made by members of staff he was not removed to a more secure unit where more members of staff would have been available to supervise or medicate him."

The settlement was agreed between West London Mental Health NHS Trust and the NHS Litigation Authority.