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Woman awarded £4k compensation for sexual discrimination

Woman awarded £4k compensation for sexual discrimination

A woman who was sent sexually explicit text messages by one of her colleagues has been awarded over £4,000 compensation for sexual discrimination.

Lisa Jones was employed as sales representative at Preston-based B2B Mobiles, which was subsequently gone into receivership, at the time of the incidents.

Steve Lewis, a national sales manager with the firm, sent Ms Jones a number of sexually suggestive messages, despite her having asked him to stop.

As a result of the messages, Ms Jones resigned from her position.
After accepting Ms Jones story, the tribunal chairman Mr Philip Rostant ordered the firm to pay £4,487 in compensation for sex discrimination, and to make a further payment of £600 to cover Ms Jones for unpaid wages.

Mr Rostant told the Lancashire Evening Post: "He [Mr Lewis] claims it was all part of a bantering situation but it has never been appropriate for a senior manager to send a junior employee texts of an unwelcome nature.

"He may have been hoping to get off scot-free and has failed."