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RAF typist wins £480k for RSI

RAF typist wins £480k for RSI

An RAF typist has been awarded £484,000 in compensation after injuring her wrist.

The unnamed clerk who is in her twenties picked up the repetitive strain injury while inputting data.

The award reflects the likelihood that the injury has impaired the woman's ability to return to employment.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: "Medical experts agreed that the claimant would be unlikely to return to part or full-time work as the condition had become permanent. The £484,000 is made up of compensation and legal costs."

News of the case follows findings from the Health and Safety Executive showing that over half a million UK workers suffer from a disorder in the upper limb or neck.

Among the injuries considered to be caused by repetitive strain on limbs are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Tendonitis, Bursitis Tenosynovitis and DeQuervain's Syndrome.