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Racially abused street warden wins £42k compensation

Racially abused street warden wins £42k compensation

A Muslim street warden has won £42,000 in an employment tribunal after suffering a racist bullying campaign.

Iqbal Rasheed, 59, was employed at Chubb Security, a security firm contracted out by Westminster Council and the Greater London Authority at the time of the abuse.

Over a four-year period, colleagues subjected him a catalogue of racial jibes including referring to him as "Saddam" and calling him "a madman who believes in God", the Daily Mail reports.

As a result Mr Rasheed suffered from stress and resigned from the company in 2004.

The compensation award came after the tribunal in Kingsway found that his treatment constituted "racial and religious discrimination".

Mr Rasheed told the Evening Standard: "From the moment I stepped in the office I could feel the tension against me. I have lived in this country since I was a child but I was made to feel like a total outsider.

"I wanted to use my skills to help the people of London but my life was made very difficult."