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Police to pay £45k over religious discrimination case

Police to pay £45k over religious discrimination case

The Police Service of Northern Ireland must pay £45,000 in compensation to a police photographer who was subjected to discrimination after marrying a Catholic woman.

Protestant Stephen Murphy worked for the RUC during the 1980s, in which time two senior officers subjected him to a catalogue of abuse.

In particular they called his wife a "whore" and that his life was in danger.

Meanwhile, he was also denied a fair pay rise and was given unfavourable hours on rotas.

The abuse led TO Mr Murphy suffering stress and taking sick leave, from which he returned when he had used his allocation.

However, when he came back to work he was not reinstated and was subsequently dismissed in 1998 without recourse to proper disciplinary procedures on the grounds that he was working while he should have been on sick leave.

The court awarded the compensation on the grounds that Mr Murphy's treatment amounted to a conscious effort to drive him from his job.