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Dismissed mechanic wins £16k compensation in tribunal

Dismissed mechanic wins £16k compensation in tribunal

A mechanic who was told by his former bosses to "go round the back of the sheds" if he needed to go to the toilet has won £16,000 in an employment tribunal.

Neil Hutcheson, of Tealing, near Dundee, was dismissed by his employers who alleged that he was working for another company while on sick leave.

However, Mr Hutcheson countered the claim and alleged that his employment had been ended after he complained about the firm's lack of adequate toilet facilities.

Mr Hutcheson told the tribunal that his complaint had been prompted in particular by employees of the company being forced to eat near a toilet which had a broken sewage pipe.

Furthermore, he denied he was working for anther firm and had spent the time away from work recuperating at home.

The tribunal accepted the version of events presented by Mr Hutcheson and awarded compensation on the grounds that he had been wrongfully dismissed.