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Brain damaged mum wins £1.2m compensation from NHS

Brain damaged mum wins £1.2m compensation from NHS

A woman who suffered brain damage after a gynaecological operation has been awarded compensation of £1.12 million.

Darshan Banwatt, 58, was in Peterborough District Hospital in December 2000 at the time of the operation, BBC Online has reported.

The operation was a success, but as a result of not receiving adequate care afterwards she bled so profusely that she almost died. She was subsequently left with cognitive difficulties.

As a result, until recently she was incapable of speaking or of understanding others' speech.

Ms Banwatt's husband Parnjit was awarded the damages after Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which now manages the hospital accepted liability for her injuries.

Mr Banwatt will also receive further payments of £29,000 annually.
News of the case follows the disclosure that the NHS paid out £529 million in total to settle compensation claims for negligence over the course of 2006.