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Brain-damaged boy in line for six-figure compensation

Brain-damaged boy in line for six-figure compensation

A 10-year-old boy who suffered brain damage during his birth is in line for six-figure compensation, after a health authority was denied the right to appeal his claim.

Jac Richards was left paralysed and wheelchair-bound after a delay in his delivery by Caesarian section at Swansea's Singleton Hospital on May 15th, 1996.

The Swansea NHS Trust has been denying liability, but has now been ordered to pay compensation after hearing evidence that had Jac been born ten minutes earlier he would not have suffered his injuries.

A spokeswoman for Swansea NHS Trust said: "The trust is now speaking with legal advisers about the next steps to finalise the claim."

The compensation will reflect Jac's need for round the clock care.

Commenting on the case, the boy's mother told This is Swansea "I wish it had not taken so long to have been resolved, because we have been struggling for so long. But we are delighted and relieved."