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Sting's former chef tells tribunal she feared losing baby

Sting's former chef tells tribunal she feared losing baby

The chef who was unlawfully made redundant by Sting and his wife Trudie Styler has told a tribunal she feared she might miscarry owing to the stress the couple put her under.

Last month Jane Martin, who worked for the couple for eight years, alleged that she had been subjected to a "cruel" campaign at the hands of the couple, which culminated in her being forced to reapply for her job in what she claimed were a rigged series of tests.

After pursuing legal action a month ago she was found to have been a victim of sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal at the hands of the celebrity pair.

At the new hearing to decide the extent of the damages, she told the court that her treatment was upsetting and that she suffered a change of personality.

"I worried about the future and it affected my sleep most nights, even though my son was by then sleeping through the night," she added.

"I became irritable and short tempered despite my normal calm demeanour.

"When the moment came and I was made redundant I felt devastated - it still destroyed my world."

Sting and Ms Styler deny the charges and have appealed against the initial hearing's ruling, describing it as "unjust and unfair".