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Sacked youth worker to win compensation over racial discrimination

Sacked youth worker to win compensation over racial discrimination

A council worker in Milton Keynes is in line for substantial compensation after an employment tribunal ruled he had been the victim of racial discrimination, MK News has reported.

Trever Orr, 56, was sacked by Milton Keynes Council from his position as a youth worker for gross misconduct in October 2005.

An outburst against his line manager coupled with disclosing details of a sensitive matter to his charges had prompted the council to sack him.

However, Mr Orr successfully argued that by sacking him he had been treated in a way that differed from a white employee who had also been guilty of unprofessional conduct towards their manager.

The council had previously suspended Mr Orr after it was alleged that he had downloaded pornography while looking after children.

Mr Orr was ordered to attend a meeting, during which he alleges that the tutor to whom he spoke made racist remarks, from whom he subsequently received an apology.

The tribunal ruling was that although the council had sufficient grounds to sack him, it had also discriminated against him on racial grounds.

Compensation is set to be decided on June 28th.