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Russell Brand wins libel damages from Daily Star

Russell Brand wins libel damages from Daily Star

Comedian Russell Brand has won substantial undisclosed libel damages from a newspaper over a story that linked him to an alleged rape of a girl at his rented flat.

The claim arose when the Daily Star ran two stories headed 'Brand In Rape Quiz - I was drugged, claims girl, 20' and 'I was drugged and raped in BB star Brand's flat'.

Both articles reported claims from a girl that she been the victim of a sex crime at Mr Brand's rented accommodation in Edinburgh.

Soon after the story was published Mr Brand issued a statement denying the allegations, and requested an apology.

However, the paper's publishers Express Newspapers only agreed to apologise after Mr Brand begun to sue them on the grounds that readers might reasonably identify Mr Brand as responsible for the alleged rape.

Express Newspapers was also ordered to pay Mr Brand's legal costs.

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