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Man wins £5,000 compensation for football match leg break

Man wins £5,000 compensation for football match leg break
A man has won £5,000 compensation after suffering a leg break while playing in a prison football match.

John Marshall, 44, was playing a five-a-side game at Porterfield Prison in Inverness when the incident occurred.

While challenging for a header, he fell awkwardly and suffered multiple fractures.

Mr Marshall sued the Scottish Prison Service on the grounds that it was the uneven surface that resulted from the use of a gym mat in front of the goals that caused his injury.

He told the Daily Record: "The game was on tarmac but the goal areas were protected with gym mats, about two inches thick.

"When I landed, it was on the edge of the mat and I went over."

Conversely, John Kelly who was overseeing the match, conceded that while Mr Marshall did fall badly after attempting to head the ball, the injury was actually sustained nowhere near the gym mat said to have caused the injury.

Mr Marshall's award came after Inverness Sherrif Linda Smith found in his favour.