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Kebab shop waitress wins £18,000 compensation in tribunal

Kebab shop waitress wins £18,000 compensation in tribunal

A red-haired waitress who endured sexual taunts and jibes about her hair colour from her employers has won £18,000 in compensation.

Sarah Primmer, 41, was working in a Turkish-run kebab shop and cafe in Plymouth, from November 2004 to October last year, when she was subjected to the abuse.

Ms Pinner told the tribunal: "I was regularly sexually harassed by my employers. They would make lewd and embarrassing comments about me ask me intimate questions about my personal life."

She also said that she had been made to look at lurid pictures of beheadings in Turkey, and that when she complained she was told she should be quiet since women should not speak.

Now having pursued the matter in an employment tribunal, she was awarded the damages on the grounds that she had been a victim of sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Ms Pinner described herself as "staggered" by the size of the compensation award.