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HSE plans small building site crackdown

HSE plans small building site crackdown
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced it will be carrying out spot checks on smaller building sites in Watford and the Three Rivers district.

The move comes following a number of incidents at small building sites in the region in the past few months, with three deaths occurring in the past nine months in the Hertfordshire area.

It is hoped the inspections will help to highlight the potential dangers faced by workers on small building sites and may enable the companies to develop better health and safety practices for their employees.

"The proportion of deaths on smaller building sites is increasing across the country. The challenge for HSE is to raise awareness among this group and promote the proper use of the sensible precautions that are needed to stem these deaths," said Philip Poynter, principal construction inspector for the Home Counties at the HSE.

He explained: "Inspectors will visit home extension projects, roof repairs, window replacement and facia/soffit work. We will focus on checking that precautions to prevent falls are in place and that working platforms are provided with the necessary guardrails and other precautions."