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Caprice to sue the Sun for libel damages

Caprice to sue the Sun for libel damages

Supermodel Caprice Bourret is to sue the Sun newspaper for libel damages, it has been reported.

The model, who now runs a lingerie business, is seeking £100,000, according to a report in media trade journal Press Gazette.

Her claims arise from a story which ran to three pages and bore the headlines 'Caprice in Clinic' and 'Caprice latest to check into Priory", which she claims made defamatory remarks about her.

In particular the story alleged that she had checked into the rehabilitation centre for treatment for an addiction, which it speculated might be to alcohol, and depression.

It is also alleged that a later story with the headlines 'It's Caprice on the Piste" and "Model quits rehab to ski" was also defamatory.

As well as damages, Caprice is also seeking an injunction barring repetition of the content she alleges is liable to damage her professional reputation.

News of the impending lawsuit follows Caprice successfully suing the newspaper over a front-page story it had run which alleged she had slept with millionaire entrepreneur Steve Bing while he was breaking up with Liz Hurley.

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