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Asian engineer alleges discrimination over employment policy

Asian engineer alleges discrimination over employment policy

An Asian engineer is pursuing legal action against Amec Utilities on the grounds that he was the victim of racial discrimination.

Qamar Malik opted to take his case to a tribunal after he applied for a job at the firm's waste water plant in Treforest Wales by e-mail, but was informed that there were no suitable positions available.

However, after sending a further application two hours later, but this time using the British-sounding name MR R Lloyd-Hilbert, he was offered an interview for a £30,000 position within two hours.

Moreover, the fabricated British national was less qualified for the job than Mr Malik, who had 25-years' experience as a civil engineer and was one-year older.

Mr Malik told ic Wales: "It seems they didn't want to know me under my real name because it sounds foreign to them.

"They wrote back saying there were no jobs available - but I knew they had vacancies.

"I decided to put them to the test and dreamt up the name of Lloyd-Hilbert to see if he would be luckier than me as Mr Malik."

Amec denies the charge claiming that it has "a very proactive equal opportunities policy in force across the whole company".

The case will be heard in-full next year.