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Widow sues for compensation over husband's asbestos-cancer

Widow sues for compensation over husband's asbestos-cancer
A Mancunian widow is to sue four companies for £300,000 in compensation after her husband died from asbestos-related cancer.

Trevor Wilkinson, who died last year aged 60, had been employed as a decorator with United Co-operatives, John Lee & Sons Decorators, C Saycell & Son and Meyer Cale.

As part of his work he had to strip and rub down pipes insulated with asbestos from which it is claimed he contracted mesothelioma, which affects the lungs.

His wife Carol, 60, told the Manchester Evening News: "Trevor was my best friend. He was always fit and healthy and lived for racing motorbikes.

"We had big plans for our future. We were going to get a bike and ride around America.

"I retired this week and he should have been here to share it with me. But now I'm on my own, wondering how to fill the void his death has left."

It is estimated that 1,900 people die of mesothelioma every year in the UK.