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Sting facing compensation payout over chef's dismissal

Sting facing compensation payout over chef's dismissal

A company owned by rock star Sting and his wife Trudie Styler is facing a compensation payout after an employment tribunal found their treatment of a sacked chef "shameful".

Jane Martin, 41, had been employed by the couple's company Lake House Estate for eight years until she became pregnant and was forced to take time off work, leading to deterioration of their relationship.

She was subsequently subjected to an assessment of her work in competition with another chef which involved awarding points to staff for good work.

However, when she came second in the contest she was removed from her £28,000 a year position.

The court found that the system had been rigged so that Ms Martin would finish second and ruled that she been a victim both of unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination.

Ms Styler told the Daily Mail: "I am devastated by this decision and I will appeal. For Jane Martin to suggest that I, as a mother, discriminated against her because she was pregnant is risible to anyone who knows me."

Compensation will be decided at a further hearing set to take place 8th of June.