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Prisoners awarded £1m compensation

Prisoners awarded £1m compensation
Prison inmates in Northern Ireland have received over £1 million in compensation over the last five years, according to statistics obtained by the BBC News Website.

Of the £1,107,830 paid out between the start of 2002 and the end of 2006, some £501,000 was for a single case of negligence from 2004.

Meanwhile, injuries caused by other inmates resulted in payments of £124,714, with the remaining claims related to accidents such as trips, searches which had been conducted unlawfully and the failure of prison staff to provide the required standard of training.

A spokesman for the Northern Ireland Prison Service told the BBC: "Each claim for compensation is considered on its merit and dealt with accordingly."

"[The service] aims to maintain a humane and caring environment where all persons are safe and promote and improve the health and social wellbeing of all."