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Family wins six-figure compensation from rail company

Family wins six-figure compensation from rail company
A family have won a six-figure compensation award after their mother contracted a fatal disease through being exposed to asbestos.

Brenda Kitchen is thought to have contracted bronchopneumonia after being exposed to asbestos through direct contact with her husband, whose work with British Rail around the Midlands meant that he was frequently in contract with the substance.

British Rail failed to provide facilities to remove the clothes, meaning that Mr Kitchen would frequently come home with traces of asbestos since she was forced to wash the clothes herself.

The sum of compensation was agreed out of court after BRB - the company which has subsequently replaced British Rail - had initially denied liability.

In March of this year it was revealed that government proposals are in place to fast-track compensation claims for victims so that they are able to be remunerated quicker.

The proposals will facilitate claims from people who were exposed to asbestos through living near to a factory that used it.

Meanwhile, spouses who contracted asbestos-related conditions through physical contact will also now be in line for compensation.