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Ex-TV executive wins libel damages from Daily Mail

Ex-TV executive wins libel damages from Daily Mail

The ex-husband of Anne Diamond has won £75,000 in libel damages from the Daily Mail.

Former-TV executive Mike Hollingsworth, 61, was suing the newspaper's publisher Associated Press over an article which alleged he had struck his wife DJ Harriet Scott first during a drunken argument.

Associated Newspapers had claimed justification and mounted a defence that the allegations were substantially true.

However, the High Court jury supported Mr Hollingsworth's claim that he had been severely beaten by Ms Scott and had slapped her a single time in retaliation.

Mr Holingsworth said: "The Daily Mail published a libel and I asked them to retract and print a correction and I would have been very happy if they had just done that. I wasn't looking for money."

"I hope I never hear the name 'Harriet Scott' again," he added.

It is thought that because Mr Hollingsworth had only entered a claim for £50,000, he will not receive the full amount that the jury awarded.

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