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Disabled woman refused tattoo wins £2,500 compensation

Disabled woman refused tattoo wins £2,500 compensation
A disabled woman who was refused service in a tattoo parlour has won £2,500 in compensation.

Rachel Monk, 24, from Lockerbie, Scotland, was holidaying in Blackpool when she went into Body Creation to get a tattoo of a fairy on her arm.

However, the owner of the parlour Jordan Dean told her parents: "We don't do people like that."

After the family remonstrated with Mr Dean, he called his father who arrived at the shop and treated Ms Monk and her family in an "old-fashioned and highly discriminatory" manner.

District Judge Ashton said: "It was abundantly clear, once one took the trouble to communicate with Rachael, that she knew her own mind, was proud of the small heart (tattoo) already displayed on her right arm and wanted that tattoo she had chosen for her left upper arm.

"There are lessons to be learnt from this unfortunate episode and I hope that after witnessing Rachael's performance in court Mr Dean has recognised how badly he misjudged her when she sought his services. It is regrettable that he did not seek to apologise for this."