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Compensation for asbestos-cancer electrician

Compensation for asbestos-cancer electrician
A former electrician who has contracted an asbestos-related cancer has won compensation of nearly £950,000 from his employers.

Raymond Shanks, 59, of West Monkeaston, Tyneside, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2005.

He contracted the condition after his work at Swan Hunter's Wallsend shipyard, where he was employed for four years from 1965, caused him to be exposed to asbestos dust.

Following his diagnosis he moved back to England from Australia where he had been living.

As a result of the disease he suffers severely limited mobility, which means he must be constantly attended to by his wife, and is expected to not live much beyond 2009.

The award comprises £70,000 for loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering, while the remainder of the money is to cover loss of earnings and the costs of relocating.

It is estimated that 1,900 people die of mesothelioma every year in the UK.